Our guide to selecting a carpet:

Selecting a carpet:

Have a read of our carpet and vinyl guide and get an idea of what you want:

Carpets can vary greatly in price and as with everything else you pay for what you get.
You therefore need to decide what you want and can afford.

Are you wanting a quick low cost job? – consider a man made foam back carpet.

Are you wanting a soft to touch carpet that will last? – consider a wool 50% twist.

Get an idea before you come to see us.

1) The first thing you should do is measure your room in metres.
Measure the width and length of your room in metres so you end up with something like 3.6m x 5.7m.
Use our conversion chart if you have measured in feet and inches.

Carpets normally come in 4m and 5m widths so in the example you need to increase the size to 4m x 5.7m.

2) Times these together and you will get your floor area. In this example the floor area is 22.8m2.

3) If your budget is £230 you will need to pick a carpet that costs £10m2 fitted.
If you have a little more you may want to consider an underlay to add that extra bounce.

4) At this point you should refer to our pricing policy to eliminate the extras.

Once you have an idea bring your plan and your budget along to our showroom.
We will be more than happy to see what we can do to suit your needs.

Rolls of carpet and carpet tiles on display in Wallace Flooring Ltd's Hexham-based showroom Rolls of carpet on display in Wallace Flooring Ltd's Hexham-based showroom