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Information about our flooring

Wallace Flooring have a huge range of carpets and other floor coverings available to buy. You can view our carpets and samples at our showroom.

To read about the different types of flooring, please click or touch the headings on each panel below.


Often referred to as the natural style. Normally in fawns and browns with a patterned weave. Very Popular at present and suitable for all areas of the house.
A tightly woven carpet available in just about any shade and colour. Suitable for any room in the house.
Twist carpets with a pattern varying from your small design to your heavy patterns. Try to avoid a pattern on stairs as the difficulty in the pattern match often makes them appear to be lying wrong.
Indicates that the fibres used in the carpet are normally polypropylene or nylon. These are normally cheaper in price and can feel a little hard to the touch. As the fibres are strong they are suitable for most areas of the house. Great if your doing a house to sell or rent.
Indicates that the carpet contains a proportion of wool. This can vary from 5% to 80%.Wool is often added to soften the carpet.
A popular combination of 80% wool and 20%man made fibre. Good strong wearing carpets suitable for every room in the house.
All wool. Soft to the touch. Continual rubbing and cleaning of a 100% wool can make them fluff up a little.


A thicker vinyl which feels more spongy.
A covering on the vinyl that helps prevent you slipping when it is wet. Should be considered for bathrooms and other wet areas.


This refers to the weight of the carpet per Sq inch and is due to how tight the weave is. Your normal carpets vary from 30oz to 70oz. A 30oz carpet is suitable for most rooms with normal use. The higher the ounze the better the carpet will wear.
A cheap way of being able to fit a carpet direct to your floor and give it a little bounce. Over time the backing has a tendency to powder.
The more modern alternative to foam. The felt gives a little bounce and allows the carpet to be fitted direct to the floor. Ideal if you want a low cost carpet fitted onto a concrete floor. These carpets can also be fitted with an underlay.
Hard to the touch and designed to be fitted with an underlay. Can be fitted directly to the floor but will feel hard. This is the most popular.
A protection within the carpet that allows spillages and marks to be more easily removed. This can be added as an extra to most carpets.
A waterproof gel style backing which makes the carpet suitable for bathrooms and other wet areas. They can be lifted and washed.
Describes a carpet with a long weave – upto 1inch. Great for that luxurious feeling in a bedroom.
The 'cushion' that goes under your carpet. Available in a number of different grades and thicknesses. The thicker the better.
Rolls of carpet and carpet tiles on display in Wallace Flooring Ltd's Hexham-based showroom Rolls of carpet on display in Wallace Flooring Ltd's Hexham-based showroom Rolls of carpet on display in Wallace Flooring Ltd's Hexham-based showroom Rolls of carpet on display in Wallace Flooring Ltd's Hexham-based showroom